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Presbytery Ministry

Resources for Regional Ministry Staff in the Uniting Church in Australia and anyone else who finds it helpful

Presbytery Ministers are ministers in the Uniting Church who have regional ministry responsibilities. They come with many different position descriptions, from administration to pastoral care for other ministers or mission planning and development, to cross-cultural or Congress (Indigenous) work. They often connect their local Presbytery (a UC region or cultural grouping) to Synods or Assembly as representatives, or engage ecumenically with other churches or missions. 

Presbytery ministers are not all called "Presbytery Minister." Most are (ordained) Deacons or Ministers of the Word, but some are (lay) Pastors with gifts for this kind of ministry. Not all Presbyteries have one; some have several, resourcing different aspects of church life and witness. 

They are not Bishops, and are not appointed for life, but are placed like other ministers and carry only the delegated authority of their Presbytery. Like most roles in the Uniting Church, it's not so much a 'promotion up the career ladder' as an opportunity to share ministry experience across a broader field than one or two congregations, and offer leadership across the councils of the church. 

Presbytery Ministers' National Conference

Meeting every two years around the Synods, the National Conference is an essential way to make and keep connections with colleagues in a similar (or perhaps a very different) line of ministry, based around resourcing the life and ministry of the UC presbytery. 

This website enables the conference to share contacts, resources, ideas and communication all year round. The site is hosted by the Assembly and will be updated by a panel of Presbytery Webministers according to Assembly's online and social media policy. 

It will be as helpful as the input you give and the material you submit. Make it good. 

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